Sunday, April 1, 2012

Recycled Newspaper Seed Pots

Thank you Pinterest for yet another ingenious way for us to save money and be healthy at the same time!! Instead of buying pots for our seedlings, we made them out of the the newspaper that we were going to recycle anyway.

All you need is a stack of old newspapers, tape, and a can.

You'll need to use the sheets that are doubled in size. Otherwise they come out a little flimsy.

Fold it in half.

Then thirds.

You'll end up with a long skinny piece of newspaper.

Roll around a can. It will lap over itself a few times making itself stronger. Tape the side.

Fold down the bottom and tape shut.

This is the handy dandy seed pot that you'll end up with!! It couldn't be any easier and you'll wonder why you ever bought the store ones.