Monday, February 6, 2012

Stained Glass Finger Painting

January was a whirlwind around here!! I think there were only about 3 days where everyone in the house was healthy at the same time :( And we fought the stomach flu for about 3 weeks straight. Thankfully it was fast moving for the victim, but it took forever to get through all the people!! And we all know that even though Mama isn't sick (yet), she is still knee deep in the trenches. Which leaves no time for bloggy land :/ Enough flu talk......I'm starting to feel nauseous just remembering it all. UGH

In the good moments we have done a few crafts that I've been wanting to accomplish and I even photographed a few of them. I'm not quite sure how I remembered, but I did. One of the most popular was the stained glass finger painting. I actually found this through a facebook friend. She is quite ingenious when it comes to entertaining the littles :) (TY Dawn)
All you need is a good quality freezer bag (gallon size) and a few good squirts of a thick paint. That's it!!!! Seal it up and tape to a window. While you draw the light will shine through the drawing. 1yo enjoyed making polka dots :) This project was awesome for motivating our 4yo to practice writing her letters, too.

Of course we also had parties :)
And down time, too :)

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