Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm a Bad Blogger

Sigh....It has finally come down to name calling. I am a bad blogger :( There should be a group for people like me. We could call it ABB (Anonymous Bad Bloggers) I often neglect my writing for things like parenting, cleaning, and cooking. I know, I know...prioritize a little!!!!

So, I have made a couple goals for myself. First are themed days. I'm hoping it will motivate me to have a topic to write about. And a commitment to write 2x per week. Do you see my writing that down? That is my pledge. Of course I have the right to go back on said pledge at anytime for any reason. That is the privilege that comes to a person with so many children. It really isn't a privilege....the children actually dictate how the day goes. Anybody with children knows that anyway :)

So here are my themed days.......

Sunday- It's family day.....I won't be writing
Monday- Make it yourself ( I already have a post written for this and a couple more in the ol' noggin)
Tuesday-Tasty (I like to cook, so now I have a place to put all those yummy recipes
Wednesday- Works For Me (anything that I have learned to make my life easier. From kitchen, to school, to  whatever)
Thursday- Thoughtful (Sometimes I like to think and ramble. I'll try to be coherent and you're welcome to see what makes me work, but beware, no one has figured it out yet)
Friday- School week wrap up (I like to know I accomplish things and writing it out helps me "see". It's really for my benefit, but you are all more than welcome to read along)
Saturday- Family Fun (Things we can do as a family to enjoy each other and build better bonds)

Let's see how long I stick with it :)

Any ideas?

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