Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Refill the Lysol Automatic Soap Dispensers

My kids love the automatic soap dispensers, and when kids love something, they will use it over and over. Which makes me very, very happy. No more nagging about washing their hands :) But the refills are WAY too expensive. So, I decided to do some searching online and see if there was a way to refill them myself and save money. This is what I came up with....

You will need 1 automatic soap dispenser, 1 empty refill, liquid soap of your choice, and a butter knife.

You'll need to pop off the cover to the refill by placing the butter knife under the lid on the back side. Use the knife as a lever to pop it off. It will go flying when it comes off :)

It will probably leave marks along the back side of the cover, but you won't see them once the refill is back in the dispenser.

After refilling the soap of your choice, replace the cover. Make sure you place the expiration date to the back, as the cover has a front and back. Push the refill back into the dispenser and enjoy the sound of your kids washing their hands :)

How much money did we save? A Lysol refill costs about $3.50 (for 8.5 oz) in the area where I live. The large bottle of refill soap cost me $3.68 (for 64 oz). I'm going to get about 7.5 refills for the price of one!!! I just saved over $20 :)

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