Sunday, October 9, 2011

The craft that didn't work so well

I saw this really cool project on Pinterest. I know, how did that ever happen? :) The idea was to create a mess free finger paint bag. Completely perfect!! A new way to practice our letter formation and without all the mess. A match made in heaven. I rushed out to buy the ingredients, which were incredibly cheap, and 4 yo stood beside me anxiously awaiting her new toy. It took me 5 min to put the toy together and 30 sec for 4 yo to decide that it was useless :(

If you feel like making an attempt, here you go :) You'll need one large bottle of hair gel (I had too much), 1 gallon size plastic bag (don't use the generic. You'll need a thick one. I think that was where my project went south :( , food coloring, and glitter (I didn't use the glitter).

 Place the hair gel inside the plastic bag. Add food coloring and any glitter. Squeeze around to mix and seal shut.
 This is what it should look like when you're done, but mine required 4 hands to hold it still and be able to write on it.
This is what it actually ended up doing to the poor 4 yo. She was trying to write an X, but the bag just wouldn't hold still :( Her frustration got the best of her and she quit.  Oh, well, I guess I'll just keep trying :)

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